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Helpful tips and hints for the perfect pint

  • The dipsense temperature should ideally be at 50C (+/-3C)
  • Preferred dispense method is CO2
  • We recommend you clean the lines weekly
  • Cleaning agents containing chlorine should be avoided as they can affect the taste of the cider
  • Ensure your cellar is at a cool temperature
  • Pour cider at a 45 degrees angle and slowly bring into an upright position.

Understanding your Bag in Box:

Bag in Boxes ensure every single drop of cider remains in peak condition. Dispense can either be through the integral tap or using an adaptor via a hand pull.

How do I use my handpull dipense adaptor?

  1. Slide jubilee clip over the pipe
  2. Push adaptor into the end of the tube and tighten the jubilee clip
  3. Remove red safety tap from tap
  4. Fit adaptor over the tap so the lip is seated squarely on top of the washer
  5. Turn the screw cap on the top to open the cap

How do I clean my Bag in Box line?

  1. Disconnect adaptor from tap
  2. Fit the adaptor onto the cleaning tap
  3. Submerge the end of the tube, along with the adaptor and cleaning tap, into a container of line cleaning solution and proceed as normal

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