The Traditional Craft of Cider Making

The highest quality fruit ingredients

With an abundance of orchards across the county, it is no secret that cider is synonymous with Herefordshire. In fact, it was the fertile soil of Herefordshire that brought Henry Weston to The Bounds in Much Marcle back in 1878.

During the Autumn months, the harvested apples from our own orchards and the surrounding countryside arrive to start the quintessential English tradition of cider making.

We only use top quality cider apples in our cider. Traditionally, cider apples are small, hard and inedible, being very fibrous and bitter.

We use a variety of different apples in our ciders and it is through the careful art of blending the fermented juices from these apples that the characteristic strength of flavour and aroma associated with Westons Cider is produced.

In other areas of the country dessert fruit and cooking apples are used to give sweet and sharp characteristics.  The ciders produced from this fruit differ in character from ciders produced using
cider apple fruit.